What’s this all about?


As a GP, I love learning new things, gaining skills and sharing those where helpful.

I also believe we need a little more art and fun in our lives and had this idea to combine creativity with helping people.

So following in the footsteps of the Goddess of victory, I thought I would “just do it…”

Feedback welcomed.


I’m also interested in the potential of the patient participation groups.  I would like to see what they can do with some funding, so I will send them revenue from some of the items (percentage detailed by item) on this site, to see what they can do.

If you like the idea or want to contribute an item, let me know.

I would love to know more about what you would like to know more about, in case I have recently learnt about that subject and it’s worth sharing.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via the Contact page